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With Solar Power System you can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill.
Solar system works for decades, and your savings could
amount to over$100,000, or even more*

*Based on household electricity consumption. Savings are not guaranteed and will vary based on various factors,
including product type, actual energy usage, actual system production,
geography, weather, shade, and actual utility rate structure and rate increase.
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Current State of Illinois incentives

30% Federal Tax Credit. Renewable Energy Tax Credit had been extended and there is no cap on it. Other words, you are getting 30% in tax credit on the entire amount your solar system will be installed for.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits Illinois is one of the few states that also offers a comprehensive program allowing solar system owners to sell their solar power their panel produce for cash, known as Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs

Net Metering Program Net metering is one of the best state incentives available for solar system owners and could cover 100 percent of your energy needs.

Going Solar in Illinois

How much does it really cost you to go solar? Well, that depends on many factors, but if you would add all incentives and savings, going solar in Illinois actually pays for itself! Our friendly solar consultant will educate you, design your solar system for you and provide you with the quote. You will make the decision if solar is right for you or not. It's that simple. No obligation, no risk, just possible lifetime of saving tens of thousands of dollars!

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You Are On The Way To Energy Independence! ENERGY INDEPENDENCE? Well, this is a pretty easy question to answer. There a few reasons why homeowners go solar. Most important reason homeowners go solar is to establish an energy independence. 15 years ago average homeowners utility bill was $15, today that average is $250. As of now you only had one option to power your home, and it was to rent your electricity from your utility company. Worse, every time utility decides to increase electricity rates, all you could do is to pay more money. Now you have a second option, it is called “Energy Independence Option”, install solar panels system and stop renting your electricity and start producing your own! More important, never ever see an increased rate on the electric bill, most important, once your solar panels system is paid for using other people money, there is no payment of any kind forever!!! Every month, the money you normally would spend to power your home becomes a PROFIT!

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Going Solar in Illinois

Sorry, Solar Ray USA program only works if you are a homeowner. Sorry, Solar Ray USA program only works if you are a homeowner.
You can still make $500 for every friend you refer to go solar.